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Welcome to Sourcery's Documentation

Sourcery is an AI pair programmer that saves you time, helps you write better code, and makes programming more fun 🥳

We are focused on helping you understand, review, fix, and improve code. You can also chat with our Coding Assistant at any time to help write new code, explain concepts, or work through problems you’re facing.

Here's just a bit of what Sourcery can do for you:


Chatting with Sourcery

Ask Sourcery general programming questions, any question about a selected section of code, to create new code, and more.

Create tests and docstrings

Using Sourcery to generate tests

Sourcery can create tests and docstrings on demand.

Review code

Using Sourcery for instant code reviews

You can have Sourcery do a human-like code review of your code on demand. Get quick feedback on your overall changes as well as line specific suggestions.

Check out our full list of features to learn more about how you can use Sourcery.

Getting Started:

Sourcery, including the Coding Assistant, is available in VS Code & JetBrains IDEs.

See our Integrations section for a list of other places you can use Sourcery

New to Sourcery? Have a look at one of our Getting Started Guides.

Keen to learn more? Check out how you can use Sourcery to write tests, review code, and write rules for your team’s coding style.

Got a problem? See our FAQs or Troubleshooting guides.

Find all of the above and much more using the navigation menu.

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