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Getting Started


Sourcery command line interface can be installed by running:

pip install sourcery-cli


Once installed you can interactively login with:

sourcery login

which will open up a browser tab and ask for confirmation. This is only needed once per computer.

Please be aware that the Sourcery CLI requires a Team subscription to use. You can upgrade here.

Refactoring & Analyzing Code with the CLI

To display suggested refactorings as a diff:

sourcery refactor {file_or_directory} And to apply those changes to the files:

sourcery refactor --in-place {file_or_directory}

Running Sourcery in the Command Line

Command Line Options

Sourcery provides a few options for running. You can list them by running sourcery refactor --help

sourcery refactor --help

Usage: sourcery refactor [OPTIONS] [SRC]...

  Refactor SRC files/directories. Reads from stdin when SRC is -

  -c, --code TEXT     Refactor the code passed in as a string.
  --check             Return exit code 1 if refactorings found.  [default:

  --diff / --no-diff  Output a diff for each file on stdout.  [default: True]
  --in-place          Make changes to files in place  [default: False]
  -h, --help          Show this message and exit.

You can also set up Sourcery to run as a Pre-Commit Hook or as part of your CI.

Configuring Sourcery

Sourcery reads configuration settings from .sourcery.yaml in the project directory. Full details are described here.

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