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Advanced Features

There are specific configuration options you can set for features that are only available for Sourcery Pro and Sourcery Team Users.

Detect Clones Configurations

The detect clones feature is a tool that allows you to identify duplicate and near duplicate sections of code within a folder or file. You can configure the settings of the detect clones scan by specifying:

Minimum Number of Matching/Similar Lines

The minimum number of lines each code section must have to be picked up. The minimum value for this is 3.

For example:

  min_lines: 3

Minimum Number of Duplicates

The minimum number of duplicate code sections there must be. The minimum value for this is 2.

For example:

  min_duplicates: 2

Only Detect Identical Clones

When this is set only exactly identical sections of duplicate code will be picked up.. Similar sections of code will not be flagged

For example:

  identical_clones_only: false
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