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Sourcery Team includes features that allow full teams of developers to use Sourcery to analyse and refactor their code across their development process. Sourcery Team includes everything in Sourcery Pro plus allows you to use Sourcery in organization's GitHub repos, use the Sourcery CLI, and run Sourcery as part of your CI pipeline or as a pre-commit hook.

Sourcery for GitHub Organizations

Sourcery will review any new pull requests your team makes and you can triger a refactoring of an existing branch at any time. See our section on GitHub usage for full details on how to use Sourcery for GitHub.

You can try out Sourcery in an organization's GitHub repo for free for up to 3 team members. This trial is limited to new PRs (doesn't allow you to refactor the full repo).

CLI, CI, & Pre-Commit Hook

With a Sourcery Team plan you can use the Sourcery CLI to refactor a single file, multiple files, a folder, or a full project on demand.

You can also setup a script as part of your CI that will allow Sourcery to analyze and suggest refactorings for all new code. Alternatively you can set Sourcery to run as a pre-commit hook to automatically review all new commits..

See our section on the Sourcery CLI for more details and to get set up.

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