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Plan Comparison

For a full feature comparison between the Free, Pro, & Teams plans please see our Plans & Pricing page.


The free tier of Sourcery gives you access to all default and optional rules in your IDE, in the CLI, and for public GitHub repos.

With the Sourcery CLI, you can review and refactor a single file, multiple files, a folder, or a full project on demand.

Private GitHub repos for individuals or organizations require a Sourcery Pro or Sourcery Teams plan. You can create a free account with your email address, GitHub account, or Google account.

Free Trial

When you create a free Sourcery account you get 30 days of free access to all of the Sourcery Pro features as a trial.


Sourcery Pro includes more advanced features helping you to refactor private GitHub repos, analyse and refactor multiple files at once in your IDE, detect duplicate (and near duplicate) code, and includes advanced refactorings.

Everyone who signs up for Sourcery gets 30 days of free trial access to Sourcery Pro. After those 30 days you need to upgrade to continue using the Sourcery Pro features.

Sourcery in Private GitHub Repos

For Sourcery Pro users, Sourcery is able to analyze and refactor all public and private individual repos.

See our section on GitHub Usage for more details on how to use Sourcery for GitHub.

A Sourcery Team plan is required to use Sourcery for private repos for a GitHub organization.

Multi-file Analysis & Refactoring

With Sourcery Pro you can have Sourcery analyze multiple files, a folder, or your full project through your IDE (currently available for VS Code and PyCharm).

See our instructions for VS Code and PyCharm for specific guides.

Duplicate Code Detection

You can use Sourcery Pro to quickly find duplicate sections of code across your project. Duplicate code detection can identify exact duplication or similar code. You can configure Sourcery to change the thresholds that Sourcery uses for duplicate detection.

Duplicate Code Detection is currently available for VS Code and PyCharm.

Advanced Refactorings

Sourcery Pro includes all of Sourcery's refactoring suggestions, including advanced refactorings. Currently this includes extracting duplicate code into separate methods.

Analysis and refactorings beyond the function level (eg class level refactorings) are currently available to all users, but may be limited to Sourcery Pro or Sourcery Team users in the future.

Sourcery for Students

Students learning Python are able to get 12 months of free access to Sourcery Pro. Please email and we'll help you get set up.


Sourcery Team includes features that allow full teams of developers to use Sourcery to analyse and refactor their code across their development process. Sourcery Team includes everything in Sourcery Pro plus allows you to use Sourcery in organization's GitHub repos, and run Sourcery as part of your CI pipeline or as a pre-commit hook.

Sourcery for GitHub Organizations

Sourcery will review any new pull requests your team makes and you can triger a refactoring of an existing branch at any time. See our section on GitHub usage for full details on how to use Sourcery for GitHub.

You can try out Sourcery in an organization's GitHub repo for free for up to 3 team members. This trial is limited to new PRs (doesn't allow you to refactor the full repo).

Sourcery in Your CI: Continuous Code Quality

With the Sourcery Team Plan, you can set up Sourcery as part of your CI. You can ensure that your code quality standards are met before any merge into your main branch.

You can: