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What is the Sourcery Log?

The Sourcery.log file collects information useful for debugging potential issues you may run into while using Sourcery. Occasionally we may ask you to send us your log file to help us diagnose a problem.

Depending on your operating system you can find sourcery.log at:

  • Linux: ~/.local/share/sourcery/sourcery.log
  • Mac ~/Library/Application Support/sourcery/sourcery.log
  • Windows %LOCAL_APP_DATA%\sourcery\sourcery.log or %APP_DATA%\sourcery\sourcery.log

Unable to Connect to Sourcery Behind Firewall/Corporate Proxy

Unfortunately Sourcery connection for IDEs is sometimes limited when using in a corporate setting. The following solution has worked for a number of Sourcery users:

  • Find the proxy root certificate on your machine
  • Add it to a certificate store if not already there - this step may be optional depending on your os
  • Add a new global environment variable REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE to point at the certificate path - on windows replace '' with '/'

We have a full GitHub issue tracking this problem here. Please let us know if this solution works for you there or if you run into any issues.

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