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Sourcery in JetBrains IDEs

For JetBrains IDEs (PyCharm, Intellij, etc), Sourcery can:

  • Explain the code you’re working with
  • Generate tests and docstrings on demand for code in your project
  • Answer questions and write new code for you
  • Review your uncommitted code or the code on a specific branch
  • instantly suggest improvements as you're writing code
  • automatically fix your code to ensure both more than 160 Pythonic best practices and conventions unique to your codebase as well as suggestions for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • show code quality metrics to all your functions

[HOLD FOR Coding Assistant in PyCharm Gif]

Installing Sourcery for JetBrains IDEs

To install Sourcery,

  1. In your JetBrains IDE (Intellij, PyCharm, ...), press Ctrl+Alt+S or Cmd+, to open the Preferences dialog. Select Plugins.
  2. Search for Sourcery in the Marketplace tab and click Install.
  3. Click the Restart IDE button.
  4. Click the login button in the top left of the Sourcery window. When using Sourcery on an open source project you do not need to log in, but you'll need to for non-open source projects.