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Swap if & else branches

Sourcery refactoring id: swap-if-else-branches


Swaps if and else branches of conditionals


if location == OUTSIDE:


```python if location != OUTSIDE: take_off_hat() else: pass

#### Explanation:

One pattern we sometimes see is a conditional where nothing happens in the main body,
and all of the action is in the `else` clause.

In this case we can make the code shorter and more concise by swapping the main body
and the `else` around. We have to make sure to invert the conditional, then the logic
from the `else` clause moves into the main body.

We then have an `else` clause which does nothing, so we can remove it.

if location != OUTSIDE:

This is easier to read, and the intent of the conditional is clearer. When reading the code I don't have to mentally invert it to understand it, since that has been done for me.

Sourcery will also make this change if the else can be dropped since the body of the if is a guard condition.

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