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Welcome to Sourcery's Documentation

This documentation contains all the information for setting up Sourcery, customizing it to your analysis needs, and helping you to automatically review & refactor your code. If you're just getting started, follow the steps below to get set up.

What is Sourcery?

Sourcery is a tool available in your IDE, GitHub, or as a CLI that suggests refactoring improvements to help make your code more readable and generally higher quality.

It is currently available for Python.

Creating an account

To use Sourcery you need a Sourcery account. You can create a free account using your email address, Gmail account, or GitHub account. If you are planning on using Sourcery within GitHub you'll need to use your GitHub account.

Installing Sourcery

You can run Sourcery in your IDE, in your GitHub repos, or through our CLI. To install Sourcery follow the instructions for the platform of your choice below:

IDE Installation

GitHub Installation

CLI Installation

Note: Sourcery CLI, CI, & pre-commit usage are only currently available for use with a Team subscription.

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