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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know your refactorings won't change my code?

We run every potential refactoring we make through multiple validation steps to try to ensure that they will never change what your code is doing. If you ever come across a suggestion that would change the function of your code please let us know and we will make a fix ASAP.

Is my code secure?

All of Sourcery's analysis is run fully locally, none of your code is ever sent to our servers or ever leaves your machine.

How do I connect to Sourcery behind firewall/corporate proxy?

Follow the steps to configure Sourcery to use a proxy.

Can I configure Sourcery not to make certain refactorings?

You can add a Sourcery configuration file to your project to switch off individual refactorings. This is covered in detail in Reference: .sourcery.yaml.

What information do you collect?

When using Sourcery in your IDE/CLI we run the analysis fully locally. The only information we collect is usage information aroundthe type of refactoring suggestions we make (but nothing about the actual code you have written), stats on how you interacted with the suggestions, along with some basic error reporting.

For GitHub cloud we clone the branch/PR we are analyzing, run our analysis on the code, suggest changes,and then immediately delete any of your code from our servers.

On our website we collect basic usage information via Google Analytics & Mixpanel, login information via Auth0, and payment information via Stripe.

For complete details about our information collection policies please check out our Privacy Policy

What languages does Sourcery work for?

Right now Sourcery works for Python. In the future we are looking to add in other languages. Let us know if there is a language you would like us to add next.

Why does Sourcery sometimes remove comments?

Some refactorings involve removing lines of code or moving them around, and these lines sometimes have comments associated with them. In these cases the refactoring will remove associated comments, but flag this to you so you can check if you want to keep them.

If you want to keep them:

  1. Copy the comments
  2. Apply the refactoring
  3. Paste the comments where you want them

Why do I need a token?

The token helps us check what license you have for Sourcery and makes sure you have access to the right set of features. You don't need to log in or use a token when working on open source projects.

When will Sourcery support my IDE or code hosting platform?

We're working to expand to offer Sourcery through more IDEs and more code hosting platforms. We have an open GitHub issue where you can request an editor for us to support.

I have another question that isn't listed here

Feel free to reach out to us at at anytime. We want to help make Sourcery as helpful as possible for you, so let us know what we can do :)