Here is a list of common terms we use in Sourcery and their definitions:

  • Complexity: Sourcery's code quality metric which looks at the Cognitive Complexity of the code.
  • Method Length: The method length metric is a measure of how long each method is on average. It is based on the number of nodes in the method's Abstract Syntax Tree.
  • Refactor Branch: Tell Sourcery to review and provide refactoring suggestions on all files for a specific branch of a GitHub repository
  • Refactoring Suggestion: A proposed change by Sourcery to improve the quality of the code
  • Refactoring: A change to code that improves the readability, performance, or quality of the code but does not impact its functionality.
  • Skip Refactoring: Ignore an instance Sourcery refactoring suggestion and remove it from your list of suggestions
  • Working Memory: The working memory metric is a measure of the number of variables that need to be kept in your working memory as you read through the code. See here for a full description of the metric.