Sourcery Integrations

Sourcery is an AI powered pair-programmer. It combines large language models and static analysis to help you understand, review, fix, improve, and write code.

Sourcery’s main features include:

Code Recipes: Quick ways to have Sourcery interact with sections of code and have it explain the code, generate tests or docstrings, or refactor the code.

In-line Suggestions: Specific, rules-based, suggestions to improve the readability and maintainability of your code.

Chat: Ask Sourcery questions about your code, to create new code, or general programming questions to help you get more done.

Code Review: Get a review from Sourcery on the changes you’ve made to your code, like you’d expect from asking a colleague to review a PR.

Sourcery is available through:

IDEs with Coding Assistant Support:

IDEs without Coding Assistant:

There's also a GitHub bot, which is currently not actively maintained.